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Enter the current Photo Gallery -- Numerous Photo Albums from Temecula to Kennesaw (and other interesting points in between). Use this link to access all the latest photo albums, from May 2021 to October 2004.

Past Photo Webpages (1998-2004)

I have created numerous photo webpages over the years. They were scattered throughout cyberspace, so I rounded most of them up, and have created the following archive. While doing so I came across sites I had forgotten about - it was fun revistiting them. Enjoy!

Crestone, CO -- Two weeks of strawbale construction, Sept, 2004

Joleen's Website -- More Crestone & strawbale by Joleen

New England Leaves -- Mom's fall trip to New England states, Oct, 2004

2004 Memorial Run/Walk -- with Therese's & Kenny's gang, Jul, 2004

Lost Twin Lakes -- Backpacking in the Bighorns, Aug, 2004

Fall Leaves -- Bridle Trail, Casper Mtn, Sept, 2004

Bridle Trail Hike -- Spring snow, hike with Cody, Apr, 2003

Wind Rivers Backpack Trip -- with John and Tim, Bears Ears Trail, Jul, 2003

Lost Twin Lakes -- Backpacking in Bighorns, Aug, 2003

Boise, ID -- Trip to Boise, Sep, 2003

Kennesaw, Georgia -- A visit to Kenny's, Apr, 2002

Bolder Boulder -- 10K race, May, 2002

Middle Fork -- Fishing and Eating, Jun, 2002

Boise, ID (collage) -- Winter trip to Boise, Jan, 2001

Sled Dog Racing (collage) -- Casper Mountain, Jan, 2001

Boulder, Co (collage) -- St. Pat's party at Albrights, Mar, 2001

Memorial Day with Roman -- Hiking and Biking, May, 2001

Middle Fork (collage) -- Fishing in Bighorns, Jun, 2001

Quandary Peak, 14,265 feet -- Hiking a 14er with Roman, Aug, 2001

Cutting Wood with Roman -- near Browns Campground, Sep, 2001

Mt. Princeton -- Jeep ride with Roman, Sep, 2001

Four 14ers in one day! -- Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, & Bross, Sep, 2001

Biking east end Casper Mountain -- Pitchpin Canyon, Sep, 2001

Along the N. Platter River -- with Roman, Mary, & Leah, Oct, 2001

Cocklebur Cody -- Pheasant Hunt with Chuck, Nov, 2001

Flagstaff, Az -- Holidays with Joleen in Flagstaff, Dec, 2001

X-Country Skiing (collage) -- Casper Mountain Skiing, Jan, 2000

Cross Country Skiing -- Casper Mountain Skiing, Mar, 2000

Bolder Boulder 10K (collage) -- with Albrights & Mary, May, 2000

Middle Fork (collage) -- Fishing in Bighorns, Aug, 2000

Bike Races (collage) -- Garden Creek / Casper Mtn, Sep, 2000

Roman's Deck -- Redwood Deck Construction, Sep, 2000

X-Country Skiing (collage) -- Casper Mountain Skiing, Nov, 2000

Pheasant Hunting (collage) -- Kaycee, Wyoming, Dec, 2000

Party on the Lek -- Sage Grouse Lek, May, 1998

Joleen Birthday -- Joleen's 28th Birthday, Jul, 1998

Boston -- Boston, MA, Oct, 1998

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