The Great White Buffalo - The Plains Indians relied on the buffalo herds for their survival. The birth of a White Buffalo was a sacred sign, legend told this would occur during troubled times and mark the beginning of peace and the unity of all races. Read more about the White Buffalo Legend and the White Buffaloes living at Spirit Mountain Ranch near Flagstaff, AZ.

View the latest pictures posted by me (and family), or view my past photo webpages from year 1998 to 2004 on the Photo Gallery page.

The Birthday Cards page features my original Birthday Card Creations and other classics like Bird Dog and Elf-Man.

The Books page contains a list of my reading recommendations, books that will entertain, inform, and test your convictions. Links to Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble are available for each book so you can read reviews (and place an order).

Back on December 27, 2018 I reached the North Pole! and am now heading due south to Capser and the finish. Ran 22,300 miles so far, only 2,600 miles to go. For all the details visit my Running page and track my progress as I circumnavigate the earth, plus view my race PR's and my running mileage charts. View a video showing my route around the world and picts of some whom have joined me along the journey.

The Links page offers some sites that are worth visiting, plus you can submit some of your own.

On the Music page view videos from some of my favorite artists, past and present. Links to MTV's website allow you to view your favorite videos and artists.

On the Video page view original recordings captured via my digicam.

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