Running Log

Period: August 14th, 1997 thru December 31st, 2020
Duration: 23.4 years
Days Run / Total Days = 3,947 / 8,541 (46.2%)

Total Miles = 23,013.3
Avg distance = 5.83 miles
Cum time running = 121.8 days
Avg mile pace = 7:37 min:sec per mile

As of December 31, 2020 I have ran 23,013 miles and have only 1,900 miles to go! Two years ago I had reached the North Pole and currently am at a latitude of 70.5 degrees on Victoria Island, Candada, heading south to home.

I ran a total of 715 miles in year 2020, which coincidentally (or not) was the same as years 2019 and 2018. If I can continue to log that total in the future, it will take me 2.7 years to complete my circumnavigation. That will result in an estimated arrival back to Casper on August, 2023, which would be 26 years from when I began. Hope to stay healthy, both myself and Rocky.

Recall, my route started in Casper back in August 1997, headed due south to the South Pole, then traversed the earth running due north to the North Pole. That distance totalled 21,578 miles. I am now headed due south back to Casper and have only 1,900 miles to Casper to run.

The Goal: My long term goal is to circumnaviagate the earth, this will require me to log 24,900 miles (the circumference of the earth at the equator). I have mapped my route, starting at Casper, heading due south along the longitude line of West 106.3 degrees. At the South Pole I changed my bearing to East 30 degrees so my route will take me through Africa and Eastern Europe en route to the North Pole.

At 23,013 miles my circumnavigation is 92.4% completed. It took me 2.7 years and 2,900 miles to reach the equator. From the equator to the South Pole took 5.6 years. Distance from Casper to the South Pole is 9,150 miles.

On this page you can view my mileage graphs, race PR's, and my global course.

Course Times (Past 8 Years)

Plot showing times of my runs for my two primary courses, 4.3 and 5.0 miles, for the past eight years. Yes I am slowing down, fortunately only about 1% per year over that time period.

Personal Records (PR's)

Distance Time
Mile Pace
5K (3.1 miles) 18:11 5:52 Jul. 7, 2000
10K (6.2 miles) 38:25 6:12 Apr. 5, 2003
Half Marathon (13.1 miles) 1:24:43 6:28 Jun. 13, 1999
Marathon (26.2 miles) 3:12:09 7:20 Jun. 1, 2003

Where in the world am I?

The plan: run around the world! No time limit, just log 24,900 miles. My progress is displayed by the red line-- the course begins in Casper where I run south along the longitude of 106.3 degrees west.

From Casper to the South Pole is 9,150 miles. It took me 8 years and 4 months to reach the pole.

My mileage as of June 2009 was 13,300 miles, resulting in my location on terra firma in southern Africa. My journey around the world at that point was 53.4% completed.

On March 1, 2011, my cum mileage was 15,458 miles and I was north of the Equator, having crossed it for the second time.


Rocky joined the 'team' in May, 2012 while I was in Egypt. He has proved to be a strong runner quite capable of handling the miles. Rocky enjoys hunting for rabbits, squirrels, cats, and food scraps during runs. He has other dog-friends along our route that will bark at him from their yard as we pass by. He has a few special friends that he will race the length of the yard's fence, back and forth, until it is time to rejoin me.

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