Happy 28th Birthday Joleen!

Born on the 3rd of July


As you know Joleen has been working very hard recently. We thought we would take a moment and reflect back to those years when life was less complicated. Correctly guess the age of Joleen in the four photos below to win a chance at babysitting Harvey for a weekend.

Here are some interesting facts about little Joleen you may not have known...

At a young age Joleen was intrigued with paranormal phenomenon after watching the Amazing Kreskin on the Johnny Carson Show. Joleen is pictured here hypnotizing her older sister's friends.

At age three Joleen had an I.Q. of 98. Joleen is pictured here trying to teach her friend Differential Equations.


One afternoon Joleen got bored so she taught herself gymnastics.

Never the one to take the back seat, Joleen was driving the family car by age ten.


And now some thoughts from her family and friends:

Happy B-Day Joleenster!! Who would have thought that you were such a miraculous youngster? What's really bizarre is that you just keep getting more and more special. Although, I think your driving skills are diminishing with age.

Love, Jerry

I only have one thought....I don't want to babysit Harvey...Boy, what if that thought would actually win? I do have to admit that Joleen sure has a great heart for Harvey and all the other Harveys out there. She has to in order to justify the medicine bills and the feline shrink Harvey probably had to go to... She's a pretty neat gal though, Harvey deserves her...


Happy Birthday Joleen! We are excited to spend the day with you at the Park.

Connie, Ken, Ryan & Hannah

All kidding aside Joleen, best wishes on your 28th Birthday! I do hope you are able to take some time off and there is no better excuse than a birthday.


Happy Birthday Joleen,
I have known since I met you that you were quite the brain! I don't need to guess your age, as I am "special" and have the illustrious honor of babysitting Harvey often enough as it is ;-). I am proud of your achievments (like spelling?) then and now, and that includes educationally and otherwise.

Have a great day!

You rule in every way. Either catching freshies on an awesome pow-pow day on your board, or dazzeling a thesis committee with your superior intellect or decephering the objectivist philosophy. Anyway, 28 is a fantastic year and I hope it is your best one yet.

Happy Birthday!!

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