Here are just a few of my links for you to browse. Please feel free to for inclusion on this page. Everything South Park - too cool Cerebral discussions on current events Clips (and more) of conversations with Moyers & guests Ideas worth spreading: Talks by a diverse group of people on a variety of topics, guaranteed to find something of interest here Encyclopedia of Life - Plants and Animals The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - current episodes Colbert Nation - current episodes Mac hardware and software deals (and non-Mac stuff too) Macintosh Software Apple headlines & links Digital Camera Reviews and News Digital Camera Reviews and News Photo Galleries Urban Legends Urban Legends Phrase Dictionary - Meanings and Origins Convert English text to any of several comic dialects Brain Teasers & Puzzles GPS Cache hunt site Interactive Topo Maps Free Topo Quads (Wyo) Colorado 14ers Virtual-Flyover of any US location (Before Google Earth) World Atlas Maps (Before Google Earth) US Debt Clock (Real Time)

2011 Federal Budget Proposal Interactive

You Fix the Budget Interactive


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Flying Spaghetti Monster A giant pile of awesome created by Micah about shoes as well as my time in Spain. The real truth -> link submitted by Joleen Democracy in Action cultural sattire, so good it will make you CRY! -> link submitted by Ryan W.

Avery Dennison Everything you needed to know about labels and more -> submitted by Ken The BEST starting point for trustworthy health information. Links to many other reputable health sites as well. -> submitted by Therese Very holistic spirituality and health site that encompasses many faith perspectives. -> submitted by Therese

Please feel free to for inclusion on this page.

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